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Why Krakow

The economic lynchpin of the region

There are approximately 760,000 permanent residents in Krakow. Poland’s second city is a seat of international banks, business associations, and chambers of commerce such as the British Polish Chamber of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce, the Krakow Guild of Merchants, and the Krakow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and others. High credit ratings provide proof of its strong position.

Krakow’s economic significance is strengthened by the region’s demographic strength, with approximately 8 million people living within 100 km of the city. This makes for a potentially very receptive market. An added bonus is the fact that 60% of the residents belong to the valued under-45 demographic.

The beating heart of Europe

Krakow’s undoubted strength is its convenient geographical location, at the crossroads of vital communication routes. The city’s accessibility is continuously enhanced through infrastructure investments. A web of quick and convenient railway connections, with cities such as Warsaw – a mere 2.5 h on the express train – and an international airport with numerous domestic, European and trans-European flights are some of the important drivers for a successful business venture. The airport is an approximately 25-minute drive from the centre of the city, while the newly-launched direct railway connection puts it only 12 minutes away. The geographical vicinity of several developing markets, such as Ukraine or Russia, poses several opportunities related to export and import of goods to and from these markets – from the East, to all of Europe and beyond.

People are our greatest potential

Krakow is a dynamic science centre. The number of universities and students, and the diversity of available courses of study provide an important indicator of the city’s scientific potential. 22 universities, almost 20,000 academic teachers (including approximately 1,800 full professors), and about 190,000 students build a fitting monument to Krakow’s intellectual prospects.

A city of modern economy

Numerous research and development units working for modern industries, innumerable completed investments, and a qualified workforce are all assets lending Krakow the image of a place uniquely suitable for investment and business operations. The city’s development strategy fosters establishing collaborations among the widest possible range of entities, institutions and communities around local pro-investment initiatives (at the level of the city, of the neighbouring municipalities, and of the region), including promotional activities. One of the crucial aspects of Krakow’s investment appeal is the special economic zone it has in place, which offers plenty of investment incentives, pursued by a number of domestic and international businesses. Learn more at www.sse.krakow.pl/en

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