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ABP Investments Sp. z o.o. is a company conducting a wide range of activities with expert personnel and technological resources at its disposal. The company has been operating in the market since July 2004, as an affiliate of the DIAGNOSTYKA Group – Poland’s largest network of medical laboratories.*

Currently, the core objective of ABP Investments is constructing and commercialising the state-of-the-art NAUTILUS medical and office building (first of the NAUTILUS-AQUARIUS office building complex), with emphasis on the highest standard and quality of the building space, specialist customisation for medical activities, modern and attractive architecture, and above all unique, outstanding location.

NAUTILUS – as the first of two twin NAUTILUS-AQUARIUS office buildings – is being constructed in one of Krakow’s most appealing areas: within the Krakow Technology Park, part of the Special Economic Zone (subzone Śródmieście-Czyżyny).

The building’s superb location and its peerless technological qualities, combined with the high involvement of an experienced and proficient team of designers and contractors, are drivers directing the office space lease offer to the most discerning Clients.

A guarantee of the investor’s financial liquidity and the fact that its fundamental development objective is the timely provision of the planned investment make ABP Investments a reliable and stable partner for its Clients.

ABP Investments Sp. z o.o.
ul. Prof. M. Życzkowskiego 16,
31-864 Kraków

tel. +48 12 295 01 50
fax + 48 12 295 01 60
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,


Tax Reg. No. (NIP): 675-132-34-45
Industry Id. No. (REGON): 120024909
National Court Register (KRS) No.: 0000214622, District Court for Krakow-Śródmieście, XI Commercial Division
Share capital: PLN 1 261 000.00


Project Management Company
Inwestorsko-Projektowa Spółdzielnia Pracy INWESTPROJEKT

Its many years’ of experience in investment management, both at the stages of planning and execution, were gained in the completion of many investments including housing estates with full technical infrastructure, general purpose buildings, education facilities, public utility buildings, and environmental protection facilities, such as wastewater treatment plants, sanitary sewage systems, or municipal landfills.

For many years it has been providing services related to planning and conducting tender proceedings, primarily for commissions related to developing designs and completing construction and assembly works.

Inwestorsko-Projektowa Spółdzielnia Pracy INWESTPROJEKT
ul. Świętokrzyska 12, 30-015 Krakow

Tax Reg. No. (NIP): 675-000-37-21
Industry Id. No. (REGON): 000485919
National Court Register (KRS) No.: 0000161467

* DIAGNOSTYKA Group is Poland’s largest group of medical laboratories concentrated around Diagnostyka Sp. z o.o., which has been in operation since 1998. Diagnostyka and its subsidiaries currently operate over 100 laboratories, nearly 300 Collection Sites, and perform more than 28 million tests per year.

DIAGNOSTYKA Group is an integration platform for entities operating in the medical diagnostic tests field. The Group’s core objective is continuous enhancing of access to modern laboratory services, mutual complementation of the range of available tests, exchange of professional knowledge and experiences, sustainable increase in the quality of offered services, and building the potential to conduct innovative development projects.

Learn more at www.diag.pl


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